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Mark & Paint on Canvas & Fabric

A Group Correspondence Course for the Embroiderers Guild of America


 Background painted on silk  using resist             "Crocosmia" hand embroidery with tulle additions

Do you have a drawing or photo that you’d like to make into an embroidered design?  In this class, you will trace and paint one design onto needlepoint canvas and one onto silk fabric.  Step-by-step instructions are given for painting with acrylic paint and fabric paint or dye (including using resist).  The importance of using markers and paint that conform to archival quality standards for fabrics is emphasized.  An appendix gives details about specific products and sources.  Students may use the three provided designs, but are encouraged to create their own.  The annotated bibliography includes design and drawing books, but this class will not teach drawing per se. 

The goal of this course is for students to feel confident and competent to transfer designs to fabric or canvas with markers and paint.  After you complete the course, the text becomes a reference manual that you’ll use over and over again.  Find more info at

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